Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do while on the road. It is an issue that should be taken just as seriously as drunk driving, as more and more car accidents and fatalities are occurring each year from texting while driving.

As reported by the Kansas City Star, last September a young Missouri teen was texting while driving and her car swerved off the road. Her car hit another vehicle and tragically, the other driver was pronounced dead. Is any text message worth someone’s life? Absolutely not.

Many car accidents occur because of negligent drivers or outside distractions, ie. texting while driving. These accidents can easily be prevented by simply focusing on the road in front of you instead of checking for incoming text messages. AT&T has started a campaign called, “It Can Wait” to encourage teens and adults to pledge not to text and drive. Share this pledge with your friends and family to help keep the roads of Kansas City safer. Also, AT&T has created a smartphone application called, “Drive Mode.” When enabled, it sends an auto-response to incoming texts to let friends know that you are currently behind the wheel and will respond later. Again, no text message conversation is worth a life. Texts can wait!