Phone Apps that Help Prevent Texting and Driving

An article from Fox New states that, “According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, one in every 10 highway deaths are caused by distracted driving. While texting behind the wheel is just one of the many distractions drivers have at their fingertips, the U.S. Department of Transportation wants it stopped.” With the new school year back in full swing, it is likely that teens will be texting their friends more now that they are in a more social atmosphere. And a lot of times, these teen drivers are texting while they are behind the wheel. As a parent, it is concerning to think about your son or daughter texting while driving, since this type of behavior often leads to accidents. Luckily, companies like Spring, AT&T and State Farm are feeling the same sense of concern for ¬†drivers who text while driving and are trying to help put an end to it. They have developed several smartphone apps to curb texting and driving. Read this article from Fox News to find out more on safe driving habits.