Your alarm goes off, you have your cup of coffee and go through the routine of getting ready for work in the morning.  It’s a typical Tuesday.  You take the same route to work as every other day, clock-in at the same time as usual and find your place in the production line at the factory.  Everything you’ve done so far has been nothing out of the ordinary. Then the unthinkable and unexplainable happens. A bolt comes loose from the heavy machinery you’re operating and your arm becomes caught in the gears.  What started as a normal day at work turns into an overwhelming and life changing experience in a matter of seconds.

Hundreds of people are severely injured from work-related injuries each year. Whether it be from slipping and falling on a wet floor, falling off of tall scaffolding or getting a back injury from lifting a heavy piece of equipment, the injuries people endure while at work occur far too often. After an injury occurs, the individual may feel helpless and bogged down with questions like, “How will I pay my bills?” or “When will I be able to work again?”  These types of questions are normal to ask and Power Law Group will answer them for you.

When faced with an injury from a work-related accident, it is important to hire a lawyer to protect your rights. Power Law Group wants to ensure that you have the knowledge needed to be successful when filing your claim. Insurance companies and large corporations have their own lawyers to deal with workers compensation case and are not always going to have your best interest in mind.  Power Law Group is here to level the playing field and make sure everyone has a fair chance by giving you the guidance and support you need to compensate your losses.

Power Law Group focuses on giving straight forward answers to all of our clients and we pride ourselves on the one-on-one personal relationships we have. We understand how traumatic and devastating a work-related injury can be and how many different aspects of your life it can effect.  We want you to focus on recovering while we focus on getting you results.