Each year Americans across the United States celebrate our nation’s independence by coming together for picnics, barbecues, pool parties, parades and of course, firework shows. All of these activities are sure to create special memories as they exude the essence of summertime, but sadly enough, thousands of people are injured every year from firework use.

While throwing a string of Black Cats at the cement or a having a “roman candle fight” might be thrilling at the time, these types of activities can result in serious injuries.  The safest and probably the most enjoyable way to experience fireworks is by viewing a public show hosted by a professional pyrotechnician.

According to the Kansas State Fire Marshall, in 2011 in the state of Kansas, there were a total of 165 firework related injuries reported. Burn injuries are most typically affiliated with firework injuries. The most common types of injuries were to the eyes, head and neck, totaling 30% of all injuries. Thirty-two percent of injuries caused damage to victims’ hands.

Fireworks can be very dangerous if not contained or handled properly. If you do decide to handle fireworks, make sure you follow these tips beforehand.  This year in New Hampshire, eleven people, including five children were injured when a box of fireworks exploded on a family’s back deck. The deck was engulfed in flames.  Unfortunately, this tragic story is only one example of how people are injured every year by the hazards of firecrackers and fireworks.

If you or a loved one has been injured by fireworks, you may be entitled to compensation. A few examples of factors that an attorney may review include whether you may be entitled to compensation are:

  • for current or future medical expenses
  • whether you can recover from lost wages from work
  • damages from pain and suffering.